Uncommon Developers


It starts with a vision, not a spreadsheet.
It’s rooted in community, not just construction.
It’s about people first, not just properties.

Uncommon is a real estate development company based in Los Angeles. We strive to develop projects that transform neighborhoods, communities, and day-to-day lives. To us, the real estate industry isn’t just about property. It’s about creating spaces for people to connect, live more harmoniously, work more productively, and improve quality of life. Along with our decades of experience, we believe this bold focus allows us to create long term value for all of our stakeholders.

16380 Roscoe Boulevard
Van Nuys, CA 91406


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Inspiring spaces to live and work can be accessible to everyone. We are inspired by building and creating community spaces that connect our patrons. We unlock hidden value, eliminate middle men in the supply chain, reinvest savings in high tier amenities, and offer award-winning functional design in overlooked areas.

Efficiency Meets Design

We partner with industry leading architects and designers to create cost effective developments with every detail considered.

Cutting the Middle Man

We use our intimate relationships with suppliers to source materials that cut out the middle man and reinvest savings in high tier amenities and design.

World Class Amenities

We develop comprehensive spaces with curated amenities that improve quality of life, such as community gardens, dog parks, greenery, fitness studios, and more.

Democratizing Living Well

We use our expertise in supply chain management and deal sourcing to reduce development costs and create projects in overlooked neighborhoods that crave an aspirational lifestyle.

Community Focus

We view our projects not just as buildings but also as the context for creating dynamic communities. We invest in our surrounding areas and consider ways to connect our patrons and tenants.


Acquisition Philosophy

Uncommon adopts a value-added investment philosophy that focuses on seeking underutilized, mismanaged properties.

Deal Sourcing

We have uncommon relationships in the North American real estate market and retain a competitive advantage in securing deals from sellers who value certainty of execution.

Value Enhancement

Uncommon focuses on assets that have below market rents and repositions assets for maximum value creation for the firm, its tenants, and the surrounding community.

Development Philosophy

Uncommon proactively redevelops, manages, recapitalizes and repositions assets by offering high design and amenities enhancements, raising rents to market levels, and increasing net operating income.

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We Are Uncommon

Uncommon is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. We are a real estate group focused on the North American Market. Uncommon increases living standards in property development and management to create long-term value. We are led by an accomplished duo of experienced real estate development and investment professionals, Ryan Hekmat and Jason Larian.

Uncommon has 50 years of combined experience in planning, development, and operations in independent large-scale commercial and residential projects. Our team is actively involved in the selection, due diligence process and inspection of all projects and their sponsors.


We are a full service real estate group that controls the entire supply chain, from estate development to investment and management.

We focus on creating value with the following property profiles: high-rise commercial and residential developments, mid-rise commercial and residential, developments, and campus-style commercial real estate projects.

Uncommon specializes in acquisition and development of Adaptive Re-Use projects, Commercial Offices, Ground-Up land development projects, under-performing residential and mixed-use assets.


The Uncommon Solution means streamlining developments by supplying our products directly from the manufacturer.

Our strict quality control, prompt delivery, and efficient one-stop solutions, offer better service at a superior price. UnCo. has unparalleled understanding of the Chinese regulatory environment, market access requirements, and relevant trade promotion opportunities.

Based on our 40 years of supply chain experience and strong ties to Chinese product procurement and distribution, Uncommon is a one-stop shop for building material supplies.


A Silicon Valley-style campus in the San Fernando Valley

When construction is completed, MGA will be at the center of an ambitious development project that will transform 24 acres into a sprawling campus in the San Fernando Valley.

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